Conditional Registration

What is “Condition Registration” and why do I need it for my forklift?

Forklift operators may occasionally require access to the road network in order to complete simple business activities such as unloading a truck, or moving into another warehouse. As the road network is public infrastructure, certain legal conditions must be met prior to conducting any activities.

Conditional Registration is a scheme managed by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. If a forklift is operating 100% on private property, and there are no areas that are considered a ‘road’ under Queensland law, then Conditional Registration is not required, however, if at any stage the forklift operates on a road, it must be registered. Conditional Registration offers forklift operators with Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance that covers personal insurance claims from other road users in the case of an accident on the road network. It is important to note that this is not third party property insurance, and operators are liable for any property damages resulting from an accident.

Of the three different levels of Conditional Registration, forklift trucks (with both pneumatic and solid tyres) are only allowed ‘limited access registration’. This means that the forklift is only allowed to operate on the road network in designated areas. Usually this would be a construction site, or a business operating out of two lots on the same street.

Additionally, the Conditional Registration scheme specifies the conditions that a forklift truck can operate on a road. The following ‘General Operating Codes’ may be applied to a forklift’s registration: GO7, GO8, LO1, LO2, LO3, LO5, LO6(B), LO7, SL1 and TD1.

These operating codes represent certain safety considerations such as:

GO8: Only to be driven on a road unladen.
TD1: Not to travel during darkness or poor visibility.

These restrictions are open to interpretation and operators should refer to the available literature and the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads for advice and recommendations. For the full text on the General Operating Codes, consult Version 3 of the “Guideline for Conditionally Registered Vehicles in Queensland” which is available for download here.

When Eureka Forklifts sells a quality used forklift, it does not come standard with Conditional Registration. If the forklift will be used on a road, it is possible to arrange registration with the purchase of your forklift truck. For advice regarding conditional registration, or any other forklift related query, consult our Brisbane based office today.


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