Fuel Types

LPG/Petrol Used in Forklifts

Most people think of this fuel type when they think of forklifts. They are the most commonly produced and used forklift. They are cheap to run, using the same unleaded fuel as most cars or on LPG with many suppliers operating a delivery service for full LPG bottles.

Forklifts running on LPG are clean burning as long as they are properly maintained by an LPG qualified mechanic, and the LPG system should be checked annually. LPG forklifts are suitable in most ware housing environments with adequate ventilation of the exhaust gas. For example, the main door to the warehouse is open when the forklift is in operation.

LPG forklift are not suitable in a food production area, dangerous goods, hazardous environments, etc. Running and maintenance costs are the lowest for this type of forklift.

Diesel Fuel Used in Forklifts

Diesel powered forklifts are the choice for large loads, 4/6 ton and above. Smaller machines are readily available 1 ton and above. Diesel forklifts are mainly used where diesel is freely available, for example, on a farm or in the transport industry.

Diesel is very economical to run. Maintenance costs and particularly repair costs can be very high on diesel forklifts, with an engine costing as nearly as much as a forklift. Diesel forklifts are not suitable for use in confined areas as they produce high amounts of exhaust contaminants.

Battery Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts are used mainly in confined spaces, high racking warehouse situations and food industry. Electric Forklifts offer excellent turning circle and high lift height capability through low centre of gravity by specific design to facilitate these features. Not suitable for yard use.

Electric forklifts use large industrial batteries, upwards of 1 ton of battery. These batteries are expensive to replace and require regular forklift maintenance, and of course have to be charged. They can only be used in a covered environment, exposure to rain and the elements is not recommended.


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