Eureka Forklifts
F3249: 2006 Toyota 02-7FDA50 - 5 Ton Diesel Forklift
Price: 27500 AUD $
Manufacturer: Toyota
Model:  02-F7DA50
Base Capacity: 7 Ton
Year: 2006
Condition: Used
Hours: 5,428
Owner: Michelle Dowse,
Sale or Rent?: For sale
Listing status: active
Price: 27500 AUD $
Side Shift: No
Works Performed: Safety Check, Serviced, Wheels-Off Brake Inspection, Workshop Inspection
Country of Manufacture: Japan
List Position: 2 - Normal
Rated Capacity Grouping: 3.0 Ton to 5.0 Ton
Valves: 5 Valve
Model: 02-7FDA50
Mast Height: 4 Meters
Mast Type: 2 Stage - Clear View