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Forklifts are a huge business investment and buying one to help in your trade is an essential make or break improvement in your productivity. There’s also a reason why warehouse owners and savvy tradespeople prefer used forklifts over the newer units. A new machine is going to have a steep upfront cost while doing the same thing that a used variety does. Even then, there are still a few extra steps that you need to check when purchasing used units. 

Inspect the Major Moving Parts 

When you first see the used forklift that you think fits your needs, the first thing that you need to check is to make sure that the moving parts are working fine without any damage that can potentially derail your productivity. Check the forks, mast rails and lift chains for heavy dents, cracks or welds that can make the structure of the forklift unsafe.  Look for signs of excessive wear and tear, leaking hydraulic fluids or any warps that can eventually lead to catastrophic damage once you start lifting heavy objects.  Engine oil leaks, transmission leaks, radiator leaks are all items to check.

Request a Repair History and Diagnostics

Just like buying a used car, you want to request the dealer for a predelivery check or service history, if available. You would want to know what types of issues that led the forklift to be in its current condition. What has been serviced?  What has been checked, eg Brake Inpection etc.

Any person who is buying a used forklift would want to be able to use the vehicle immediately, so buying your forklift only for it to die on you while you are using it is not good. A good and thorough pre delivery lets you understand if there are things that you would need to take care of once you buy the unit.

Insist to Test Drive the Forklift

We always tell this to the customer: test drive, test drive, test drive! Your dealer should offer you a quick road test of the forklift machine so you can see how it performs in real time. Take note of any issues in starting, movement, steering, fork positioning, engine clicks, unnatural rumbles and general comfort with the lift truck.

If you are not happy with the unit don’t buy it.  Make sure you are happy with your choice, price and back up assistance if offered.

If you feel that everything is in order, look for any overheating, noise, awful smell or tire issues after the test drive.

Request for Usage and Training

Typical forklift operators in business warehouses are knowledgeable enough in the operation and usage of lift machines, but you still need to request your dealer for training if possible. Measure if the forklift is performing up to spec. If you want a test period, you may want to opt for a casual rental until you’re sure that you want the forklift vehicle for yourself. 

Consider as well a few things like personnel needs, productivity improvements, extra efficiency and cost reduction. Having an insight if the used forklift you just bought is adding something to your business’ production. If you are saving time, money, getting more things done with a more efficient continuous work, then you are in the right direction.


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