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Walkie Stacker
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  3. Visiting our Brisbane warehouse at 86 Delta Street GEEBUNG QLD 4034

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  1. Make contact with our office using the above details. Our staff will confirm the availability and suitability of this product for your needs.
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Inspections and product demonstrations are available, however appointments are strictly necessary. Stock may be located in long-term storage, or at a different location.

Can I pick-up my product?

Free customer pickup is available upon full payment of any outstanding invoices. There may be a delay for certain products (such as Used Forklifts and internationally sourced parts) as they undergo a Pre-Sale inspection.

If you’re trying to chase down a used Walkie Stacker for your business, Eureka Forklifts always has used walkie pallet stackers on hand to sell or hire. We often have both powered and manual walkie stackers available in our yard and have helped many Brisbane businesses with acquiring a great deal on a used pallet stacker to assist with moving and transporting pallets around warehouses, factories and manufacturing premises.

Great range, excellent prices and superb customer service

We are constantly on the lookout for used walkie reach stackers for sale and often purchase equipment to display on our website and in our yard so if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, there’s a good chance we can either source what you’re looking for, or we may already have our eyes on a unit that will meet your needs.

We are always on the lookout for for the following models:-

  • Walkie Straddle Stackers
  • Walkie Reach Stacker
  • Ride on Walkie Stacker
  • Counter-Balance Walkie Stacker
  • Standard Walkie Stacker

Benefits of Walkie Stackers over Forklifts

There are several key advantages to utilising walkie stackers over forklifts, particularly in tight environments where space is limited. Here’s just a few reasons you may want to consider a used Walkie Stacker from Eureka Forklifts:-

No license required
Walkie Stackers do not need a forklift license to operate – this opens up packing and stacking to almost all your employees.

Low cost
Compared to a forklift, purchasing a used walkie stacker is a considerably cheaper option.

Low running costs
All you need is a charging port and you’re good to go. The batteries in Walkie Stackers offer a welcome price difference when compared to the cost of diesel or LPG.

Environmentally Friendly
With no fumes or exhaust, walkie stackers are ideal for enclosed buildings or indoor material handling.

Better Visibility
Because of their low profile and compact size, walkie stackers offer much better visibility than forklifts when handling loads.

Don’t buy new when second hand is just as good. Pick up the phone, grab yourself a bargain and give us a call on (07) 3865 1205 and we can talk about your walkie stacker requirements.


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