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The power of two: Why a second forklift can boost your business

We all know that forklifts are the workhorses of warehouses and storage facilities. However, not all forklifts are created equal. Different types excel at specific tasks, from maneuvering tight aisles and stacking boxes to tackling heavy-duty jobs or heavy lifting. One question many business owners get to at one stage or another is: is a single forklift enough for your business?

In many cases, the answer is a resounding no. Here's why a second forklift might be the perfect addition to your operations, whether you're considering a secondary forklift purchase for a different role, a backup forklift acquisition so you can have two operating at the same time, or simply buying a second forklift to meet demand.

Specialised skills, specialised forklifts
Businesses often need a delicate touch to stack pallets in narrow aisles while also requiring a machine to handle heavy loads outdoors. Usually, a single forklift can only excel at one. A narrow aisle forklift (traditionally called a reach truck) offers unmatched precision in cramped spaces. In contrast, a rough terrain forklift thrives on uneven surfaces and can lift substantial weight when required.

Double the efficiency, half the cost
By having two forklifts, each suited to a specific task, you avoid wasting time switching attachments or overworking one machine. One forklift can handle heavy lifting duties, while the other handles precision maneuvering in your warehouse. This approach keeps your operations running smoothly and helps maximise your forklift redundancy strategy.

Here are just a few benefits of purchasing a second forklift for your business:-

  • Do more - handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Stay productive - avoid downtime from breakdowns or maintenance 
  • Save money - get a pre-owned forklift for a fraction of the cost of a new one
  • Reduce stress - keep operations running smoothly 

The beauty of backups
Anyone who’s run a business for more than five minutes knows that unexpected situations arise all the time. A forklift tied up with a crucial task or routine maintenance takes it offline, grinding your operations to a halt. A second forklift ensures operations continue uninterrupted during these periods of potential downtime.  This approach to having a backup machine allows you to handle multiple tasks simultaneously or complete a single job much faster.

Second-hand savings, first-rate performance
The beauty of a backup second-hand forklift lies in its affordability, especially when considering additional forklift procurement costs. Sure, if you're a large enterprise with a massive budget, a brand-new forklift may not be a significant financial burden. But not all of us have that type of capital at our fingertips.  

High-quality, pre-owned forklifts offer the same functionality as new machines at a fraction of the cost. This approach allows you to add a secondary forklift to your inventory without breaking the bank.

The takeaway: Two is better than one
Don’t think of a second-hand forklift as just an extra expense; consider it a strategic investment. A pre-owned forklift can significantly boost productivity and profitability by increasing efficiency, minimising your business's downtime, and allowing for one machine to focus on specialised tasks whilst the other is doing grunt work. 

Next time you consider forklift solutions, remember that two might be the perfect number for your procurement strategy.


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