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The Why & How of Flameproofing Forklifts

If your workers operate in a hazardous environment, ensure that they have the tools required to work safely. In spaces where there is a risk of combustion as a result of the presence gases, liquids or dusts, all forklifts are required to meet certain standards of flameproofing, to ensure that there is minimal risk of fire and subsequent injury and damage.

To help our customers better understand the importance of this process, we’ve prepared this short article, outlining the circumstances under which you will require a flameproofed forklift, and detailing how you can achieve compliance with the industry regulations. Read on to learn more.

When do I need a forklift flameproofed?

All flameproofing must comply with ASNZS60079.10.1: Classification of Hazardous Areas and AS2359.12: Powered Industrial Trucks. The former defines under what circumstances a forklift is required to be flameproofed, and the latter covers the modifications, maintenance and operator training required to remain safe in the relevant area.

Are all flameproofed forklifts the same?

Standards differ slightly based on whether the combustion risk posed is a result of flammable gases, vapours and liquids (formerly referred to as Class 1) or of dusts and fibres. Close examination of the environment in which the forklifts will be operating will determine which applies to your circumstances.

Depending on the longevity of the combustion risk – unlikely to occur or occurs infrequently; likely to occur during normal operations; or continuously or frequently present – different levels and types of flameproofing will be required. All major and minor parts for replacement must be fit for purpose, and tyres, fan belts and transmission belts are required to be antistatic and fire resistant. Additionally, you will be required to ensure that all staff are educated on AS2359.12 and understand the risks associated with operating a forklift in these hazardous areas.

How do I ensure that my forklift is compliant?

In some cases existing forklifts can be modified to achieve compliance with the relevant standard, but in many cases it is far more cost-effective to purchase a pre-modified forklift either from the supplier or through the second-hand market. Where combustion risks only exist on your property for a short period of time, business owners can hire a flameproof forklift from a supplier. To find a flameproof forklift at some of the best prices in the city, speak to the team at Eureka Forklifts today.


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