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What are forklift slippers and where can I buy them?

When it comes to forklift extensions and attachments, there is a range of amazing and inventive bolt-ons that help forklifts lift, stabilise, manoeuvre and rotate loads that need to be moved. Whilst using a forklift to move things around your warehouse, factory or property makes things much easier, the right attachment (like forklift slippers or tines) can make a simple job even easier. 

What are forklift extension slippers?

Forklift slippers are attachments that slip over the top of the standard tynes that come with a forklift. This helps to increase the length of the standard tines and helps to increase the stability of specific types of loads like drums, timber, explosive materials and a range of other load types. 

Whilst there are some forklift tynes for particular applications (stainless steel clad slippers that reduce the chance of sparks in explosive environments or drum handling tynes, for example), the most common forklift slippers available are extensions that help to support, lift and carry the loads your forklift is required to move. 

What are the parts on a forklift tyne?

Several parts make up a forklift slipper, and these are listed below. 

The tip
This is the very end of the slipper that is used as an insertion point for pallets, etc. 

The blade
This long horizontal section supports the load when it’s being lifted and moved.

The heel
This section of the tine is bent at a 90-degree angle and connects the blade to the shank. 

The shank
The shank is the vertical part of the tyne that typically has a locking pin that connects to the forklift. 

What do forklift extension slippers actually do?

Put simply, forklift slippers extend the length of your standard tynes to help stabilise loads that you may not be able to move safely using the standard tynes. It’s worth noting that forklift slippers are only used to stabilise loads and won’t increase the lifting capacity of your forklift. 

Forklift slippers are usually added to forklifts when large or awkward loads are required to be moved in the safest way possible. The additional stabilisation makes it much easier to move loads that wouldn’t otherwise be able to be handled by the standard length tines on the forklift. 

Where can I buy forklift slippers in Brisbane?

Easy! Whilst there are many places in Brisbane where you can purchase forklift slippers, Eureka Forklifts has many different types of slippers for forklifts in stock and available now. 

If you’re interested in slippers for your forklift, contact us today and we can talk about your requirements.


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