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What are the benefits of a diesel forklift?

All around Australia, in warehouses, construction sites and industrial facilities, the humble forklift is an indispensable workhorse that streamlines material handling operations for many businesses, allowing them to keep production schedules and businesses running. Whilst electric and gas-powered forklifts have risen in popularity over the past few decades, diesel forklifts continue to dominate the market – mostly due to the unique set of benefits they offer to Australian businesses. 

Diesel Forklifts – Powering Efficiency and Versatility

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing or hiring a diesel forklift, we explore the advantages of these lifting powerhouses, highlighting their power, efficiency, versatility and suitability for a wide range of applications and business types. 

Diesel forklifts have robust power and torque
Diesel forklifts are well known for their impressive power and torque capabilities. Many are equipped with a high-torque diesel engine that is masterful at handling heavy loads and operating in demanding environments. 

The inherent power of diesel engines gives operators smooth acceleration, helping them to efficiently manoeuvre heavy materials, pallets and goods. They also generate substantial torque, which allows diesel forklifts to effortlessly navigate gradients, making them the ideal choice for outdoor applications such as construction sites, lumber yards or sawmills, warehouses and distribution centres, auto wreckers, mine sites and manufacturing facilities. 

Diesel offers increased fuel efficiency
One of the biggest advantages diesel forklifts have to offer is their fuel efficiency. Just like in cars and trucks, diesel engines boast higher thermal efficiency compared to their petrol counterparts, which means you extract more energy from the fuel used in the vehicle. This increase in efficiency translates into longer operating hours per tank of fuel and reduced downtime for refuelling. 

Diesel fuel is also often less expensive than the cost of electricity, making a diesel forklift an incredibly cost-effective choice for businesses with heavy-duty material handling needs.

Diesel forklifts are durable and have great longevity
Diesel engines are known for their robustness and longevity, meaning they’re going to last ages! These engines are designed to withstand high loads and endure challenging conditions, which makes them a great option for continuous use in demanding industrial environments. 

The durability of diesel engines also helps to reduce maintenance requirements for your material handling vehicles, resulting in reduced downtime and lower overall costs of operation. 

If you look after your vehicles with a proper maintenance schedule and regular servicing, diesel forklifts will provide years of reliable service, giving you a high return on investment for businesses.

What types of businesses use diesel forklifts?
If you’re wondering what types of businesses use diesel forklifts for their material handling, here are just a few of the industries our rental and purchase customers are in:-

  • Construction companies
  • Warehouses and distribution centres
  • Shipping ports and freight terminals
  • Lumber yards and sawmills
  • Mining and extractive industries
  • Agriculture and farming operations
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Logging and forestry companies
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Railroad and transportation yards
  • Wholesale and retail businesses with outdoor storage areas
  • Recycling and waste management facilities
  • Shipbuilding and repair yards
  • Military and defence organisations
  • Event and exhibition venues for setup and logistics

Diesel forklifts are the gold standard for outdoor performance
Diesel forklifts really come into their own in outdoor settings where electric forklifts offer limited capabilities due to their reliance on battery power. Diesel engines won’t lose power in extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions and easily handle uneven terrain. It’s little wonder why they’re the most popular choice for loading and unloading goods from shipping containers, handling construction materials or transporting heavy items across rough ground.

Diesel offers an increased lifting capacity when compared to LPG and electric forklifts
Diesel forklifts are the perfect solution for applications that involve lifting heavy loads. Diesel engines deliver ample power to handle substantial weight capacities easily and are great at handling oversized or bulkier items. Because of their exceptional lifting capabilities, they’re hugely popular in industries like manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, where efficient handling of large, heavy or cumbersome loads is paramount.

Whilst electric forklifts have gained popularity in recent years – particularly for indoor use, diesel forklifts continue to be the preferred option for loads of businesses in Australia due to their power, efficiency, versatility and their ability to handle incredibly heavy loads. 

Take a look over our range of diesel forklifts, as they offer a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of material handling tasks. If you have any questions about any of the forklifts available on our website, please contact us today.


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