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Why You Need To Be Paying Attention To The Load Centre Of Your Forklift

You run a busy warehouse – you need to be able to load and unload product as fast as possible. Naturally, you go looking for a forklift with the biggest carrying capacity, because being able to carry bigger boxes means less time spent breaking product down into smaller loads. Simple, right?

Not exactly. Before you put any money down on a new vehicle, you need to understand what you’re shopping around for. It’s not enough to simply buy the vehicle with the largest numbers on the specifications sheet – you need in-depth knowledge of the kind of product you’re shifting and how it’s packed in order to get the most from any forklift.

That’s because of a little thing called load centre. In this blog, we’ll explain what it is, and how it affects your overall lift capacity.

Not all loads are created equal

Unless you’re in the rare industry where you’re unloading identical pieces of cargo all day, every day, your forklift probably needs to be a bit of an all-rounder. This is important to keep in mind, because it’s not just the weight of a load that affects your forklift’s ability to carry it; it’s also its dimensions.

This is simply because of the way most forklifts operate. The majority of forklifts in operation around the world operate on the principles of counterbalance, using a weight at the rear of the truck to off-set the load on the front. Your forklift may be fine lifting one 2000 kg load that fits neatly within the reach of the forks, but may be unable to lift a wider 2000 kg load that protrudes off the end. Imagine suspending a weight from your outstretched arm – it’s going to be a lot easier to hold it up if tie it above the elbow than if you hang it off a finger. It’s the same principle with forklifts.

Creating safer working conditions

Ensuring that the loads you’re lifting are not too large in dimensions is just as important for creating a safe work environment as ensuring that you’re not lifting loads that are too heavy. In both cases, you run the risk of overloading the machine, leading to loads falling off of forks or even vehicles tipping over.

If you regularly work with above standard pallet sized loads or any bulky or irregularly shaped cargo, it may be valuable investing in a specially designed or more powerful forklift for your business. Take a look at the range of vehicles on offer through Eureka Forklifts and ensure that your business is safer and more efficient.


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