Flameproof Forklifts

What is a Flameproof Forklift?

Our fleet of used Toyota flameproof forklifts are a special subcategory of the standard counterbalance forklift truck. These units are retrofitted to remove ignition sources that could potentially be dangerous in particular environments. Examples of hazardous environments include (but are not limited to) areas containing:

  • Combustible fine dusts (such as saw dust, grain, sugar, and dry organic residue);
  • Landfill gas (such as methane, which is common at sewerage treatment plants);
  • Flammable liquids and gasses in cylinders (such as LPG and propane);
  • Flammable liquids and gas dispensing equipment (such as service stations, airports and depots).

This list is by no means exhaustive, so for more details on hazardous environments the Department of Justice and Attorney-General has prepared a list of potential hazardous areas.


Zoning is a way to categorise areas and the amount of flammable liquids, vapours, gasses and combustible dusts that are present.

  • Zone 0 hazardous area is an area where a flammable atmosphere is present continuously or for long periods or frequently
  • Zone 1 hazardous area is an area where a flammable atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally
  • Zone 2 hazardous area is an area where a flammable atmosphere is not likely to occur in normal operation but, if it does occur, it will exist for a short period only.
  • (Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, 2013)

No traction vehicles are allowed in an area classified as Zone 0. Eureka Forklifts has a range of units that are allowed to operate in Zone 1 and Zone 2 conditions.

What is unique to a Flameproof Forklift?

There are many differences between a standard used forklift offered by Eureka Forklifts and a flameproof forklift. Some of the key differences are listed below:

  • All electrical systems are removed.
    • Electric gear mechanisms are changed to hydraulic systems
    • Standard lighting systems are replaced with flameproof forklift lighting.
    • Starter battery and alternator are removed as this is a common source of sparks
      • For remote-battery-start flameproof forklifts, an external starter battery is required. We offer these as standalone units.
  • A Scrubber Tank captures the exhaust gasses and removes all sources of ignition.
  • A flametrap on the inlet manifold prevents backfires from causing ignition.

For more information regarding wet, short and long-term hire as well as sales of our Toyota Flameproof Forklifts, contact our friendly and informative staff in Brisbane today!


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