Single Point Watering System

Single Point Watering System For Electric Forklift Batteries

A single point watering system allows you to ensure each battery cell in an electric forklift is filled with fluid to the appropriate level. The watering system is operated by using a special watering gun that connects an ordinary garden hose to the battery array.

The single point watering system operates by a float in the top of every cell. As each cell fills to the top the float cuts off the water flow, and the water then diverts to the next cell. This process is repeated until there are no more cells to fill. Once all cells are full a flow indicator in the watering gun will stop turning, indicating the battery is full so you stop depressing the trigger on the watering gun and disconnect. An image of a battery assembly fitted with a single point watering system is included below. Note the clear tubing connecting each individual cell – this is a critical part of the watering system.

The advantage of a single point watering system is that the entire battery is full without topping up individual cells, which is tedious and time consuming. This method also reduces the possibility of water and acid being spilt. The entire process is very quick and easy – meaning that your employees will actually do it – There should be no excuses!

Water running low in batteries is one of the major causes of failure. As a leader in industry best practices, Eureka Forklifts will not sell an electric forklift without a single point watering system and watering gun.


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